Launching in Asheville, NC this fall, October 27-28, BONFIRE AVL is a story conference dedicated to helping business leaders learn, understand and use storytelling—the world's most vital tool for creating brand stories which spark strong connections with customers, donors, and community. 

In the BONFIRE workshop sessions, you'll discover that stories connect us in ways that numbers and charts never will. You'll tap into the power of human emotions and learn how to layer those emotions into your brand stories which will spark successful results: 1) Committed stakeholders; 2) Greater sales; 3) Consistent messaging and marketing; 4) More engaged clients.

Conference participants will hear from professionally diverse and experienced speakers who are also master storytellers. With an emphasis on collaboration, participants will work alongside workshop facilitators to find authentic stories that will engage their target audiences, excite customers and staff, and align with the organization’s social media, online content, merchandising, and marketing.