BONFIRE Conference is dedicated to helping you understand and use the power of storytelling—the world's most vital tool for sparking connections with your customers, donors, and those you support and serve.  

In your collaborative BONFIRE workshop sessions, you'll learn how stories connect us in ways numbers, bottom-lines, and charts cannot. You'll tap into the power of human emotions and learn how to thread and weave this power into your brand stories. You'll work alongside BONFIRE facilitators to create and tell authentic narratives which will activate your target audience and delight your customers, friends, donors, and staff with stories they can believe in, trust, and tell. 

Join us in Asheville, NC  on May 18-19, 2017

Thursday 9:00-4:00

Friday 9:00-4:00

                                 Lunch, coffee and snacks will be served!                                                


Techniques and tactics which will fuel your storytelling success

Insights into the potential, range and power of your stories

Deeper connections with the greater Asheville community

Dynamic, playful, and engaging storytelling strategies   

Confidence to tell success stories offline and online

Story structure ideas which will increase your sales